Chikkamagaluru Police App
PQRS(Police Quick Reporting System)

PQRS is a very useful mobile application which enables the people to easily communicate with Police Department to seek Emergency and Non-emergency help. It has a very strong emergency reporting and response system using which you can directly report any incident to the police control room. This is first of its kind system which is implemented by Chikkamagaluru Police in association with Utilize Softwares. PQRS is loaded with lot of features. Few important feature descriptions are as follows:

You can instantly report any incident to police control room from the app. whenever you are in emergency or someone else is in emergency use the app to directly report the incident. If you are connected with a good network connection, the report is guaranteed to reach the police in 5 seconds.

Using this option, you can check your FIR status in the App. Just select Police station, year, enter FIR number and click on submit. The FIR status will be displayed.

You can easily check various fine details if you violate any traffic rules. Select the category based on Vehicle type, Motor Act etc. and get the correct fine details.

Get the Traffic status of the major connecting roads to Chikkamagaluru. You will get the traffic status whether the road is blocked, free, slow moving etc.

If you have reported one or more incidents from the app you can view the details of the reports from ĎMy Reportsí option. This is not related to FIR or any other Reports.

Now people donít need to search for Emergency numbers everywhere. All the emergency number such as Police, Medical, Child Helpline, Women Helpline etc., are all listed in one place and you can directly call from the app.

Get all the Police alerts and announcements directly to your mobile phone as Notifications. Be informed about all the situations in the city.

All the police stations of the District, their phone numbers and location is listed in one place. You can easily see all the police stations on Map. You can directly get nearest police station details.

These are options which you can use to quickly report some of the major emergency situations just with a click of button. Your emergency report will reach police control room, and youíll get delivery confirmation with the report Number.

SOS is the term used for the signal you send in case of emergency. Whenever you are in trouble you can use SOS option to inform your preset trusted Contacts that you are in emergency.

This is for safety of women. Whenever any women/girl is in Emergency, she can press and release power button continuously for 3-4 times. SOS will be initiated and SMS will be sent to preset trusted Contacts. Alternatively you keep a widget of CKM Police App on one of your home screens of phone for easy access to some of the safety options along with SOS.

The status section of the app home screen contains a status update message from Department. And the status of the parameters such as network, Internet, GPS and Tracking.

This is one of the useful feature using which you can continuously send your location to control room in case of emergency. You have to open tracking page and select START TRACKING. Only then, Tracking will be turned ON. Without your consent, we cannot track your phone. Police department has no Intention to track your location without your Interest.

For the ease of access, your nearest police station is displayed on the app home screen. You can directly call or get the directions to the Police Station. Your GPS settings in the Phone should be turned ON for this to work.

Contacts option is used to set any 4 trusted contacts. These are the contacts to whom SMSs will be sent when you initiate SOS.

This option can be used to directly interact with one of the police department personnel assigned for public interaction. This option should not be used for emergency purpose. This feature is meant for general enquiry.

Any video announcements, messages, instructional videos, incident videos will be available in this page.

In the left menu top portion, you can click on settings button to change your profile details such as profile picture, Name, Address, E-mail ID, Alternate Contact, PIN etc. Even there is an option to request for deletion of your account.

This is a very useful and first of its kind attempt to make available, the details of all government schemes. You can view many schemes from government. You can also search schemes based on Age and Caste.

These are some of the handy tools which you can use in case of emergency.

  • Loud Alarm:
    This makes a loud alarm by utilizing full situations where you want to capture attention of the surrounding people in case of trouble.
  • First Aid Guide:
    Medical emergencies can occur for anyone, anytime without warning. So this first aid guide will be most useful in such cases. Most of the common medical situations and their first aid methods are listed.
  • Torch:
    A common utility which you can use when needed.

For better Understanding and usability of App for everyone, the App is completely available in Kannada. Go to settings menu and select (Kannada) option.

If you have any suggestions to give or you have any questions regarding the app, please feel free to use these options from settings menu to send us a mail.